starting to plant things on the balcony, so much fun!

this poem by J.R.R Tolkien (one of the lines is the title for my masters thesis)


watching Swiss TV online that finally streamed something live: Sechseläuten (German version), the Zürich tradition of parading and marching around town, to finally galopp around a huge bonfire on horses, the bonfire being burned to reach to the top of it, where the so-called Böögg is sitting, a snowman that is burnt every year to make the winter go away.

the warm feeling I get around my heart when I hear a marching band play the Indiana Jones theme

remembering the time when I was walking on that very parade, as a child, and also remembering how much I hated the costume and the stupid mozart wig. Today, this just made me smile 😀


me at Sechseläuten some time in the 90’s, age approx. 7/8 years





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