avocado pits in the window sill that keep splitting and sprouting

oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon for breakfast

getting done some important thinking for my thesis, coming to an end soon

a cup of coffee from a neighbor

reading in an old favorite book again, it actually never gets old (Homo faber by Max Frisch)

a concert with a friend singing, me tearing up because of her gorgious voice

the boys trying to sing a song in the kitchen while playing video games and me making fun of them

someone who can hear that it was me that came home and asking at once how my night was

just the fact that coming home at night is really nice and cosy and I love my bed and my sheets and my bunny, yes, I have a bunny with rainbow colored ears and a rainbow sweater, even if I’m turning 30 this year, I don’t care. Benny Bunny has been with me since I was 2 years old, why leave him now. Stuffed animals are a kids best friend, why not a grown up kids.



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